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Announcing a Series of 10 Short Books on Alternative and Integrative Mental Health Care

Integrative mental health care is a person-centered approach that emphasizes maintaining optimal health and wellness takes into account the symptoms, preferences and circumstances of each unique person uses the best available research evidence to develop an individualized treatment plan focuses … Continue reading

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Huperzine: A Chinese Herbal Treatment for Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Dementia

What it is and how it works Huperzine-A is an alkaloid compound derived from the herb Huperzia serrata and is an ingredient of herbal formulas used in Chinese medicine to treat Alzheimer disease and age-related cognitive decline. Animal studies show … Continue reading

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Chinese compound herbal formulas used to treat ADHD

A review of studies on Chinese herbal formulas used to treat ADHD identified 34 controlled trials (published in Chinese or English language journals) that compared traditional Chinese herbal treatments and methylphenidate (i.e. Ritalin) in children diagnosed with ADHD. The authors … Continue reading

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Herbal medicines used to treat symptoms of ADHD

Different herbals are used to treat symptoms of ADHD including Ginkgo biloba, American ginseng, Bacopa moniera, and Pycnogenol™, a patented product made from the bark of the French maritime pine tree. Certain herbals probably work better than others. Findings of … Continue reading

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