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Low Fat Diets Significantly Reduce Risk of Dementia

Diets low in saturated fat and total calories and moderate alcohol consumption reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease Diet may be the most important preventable risk factor in Alzheimer’s disease. Foods that increase the risk of Alzheimer’s include red meat, … Continue reading

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Effects of Dietary Modification on ADHD

Inconsistent findings on food colorings and positive findings on highly restrictive diets Many studies have investigated the effects of changes in diet on symptoms of ADHD. Research findings support that artificial food colorings do not contribute to ADHD however excluding … Continue reading

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Dietary changes reduce symptoms of generalized anxiety and panic

Generalized anxiety frequently accompanies a condition called reactive hypoglycemia, in which blood sugar levels drop to abnormal low levels following consumption of a large amount of sugar. Individuals who experience heightened anxiety caused by hypoglycemia benefit reduced carbohydrate intake, high … Continue reading

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Dietary changes make little difference for symptoms of childhood ADHD

Elimination diets that exclude food colorings and additives, dairy products, sugar, wheat, corn, citrus, eggs, soy, yeast, nuts and chocolate are widely used by parents of children diagnosed with ADHD however findings of most well designed are inconclusive. A recent … Continue reading

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