Dietary changes make little difference for symptoms of childhood ADHD

Elimination diets that exclude food colorings and additives, dairy products, sugar, wheat, corn, citrus, eggs, soy, yeast, nuts and chocolate are widely used by parents of children diagnosed with ADHD however findings of most well designed are inconclusive. A recent review of elimination diets in ADHD noted serious methodological flaws including major differences in patient populations, absence of standardized outcome measures, high drop-out rates and the use of non-blinded raters to interpret outcomes. Popular diets for ADHD children advocate the elimination of refined sugar however research evidence supporting a relationship between a high sugar diet or high glycemic index foods and hyperactivity is inconclusive.

To learn more about dietary changes and other non-pharmacologic treatments of ADHD and how to use them safely and effectively to treat your ADHD symptoms or those of your child, read my recently published e-book, ADHD–the Integrative Mental Health Solution.

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