Complementary and alternative therapies are being increasingly used to treat ADHD

Concerns about inappropriate prescribing or over-prescribing of stimulant medications and incomplete understanding of long-term risks associated with them have led to increasing use of non-pharmacological therapies. It is estimated that over 50% of parents of children diagnosed with ADHD rely on complementary and alternative (CAM) therapies in addition to conventional pharmacologic treatment.

CAM therapies widely used to treat childhood ADHD include vitamins, dietary changes and expressive therapies however relatively few parents disclose the use of such non-pharmacologic treatments to their child’s pediatrician. Please see other postings on my blog for a series of short pieces on complementary and alternative approaches that have been shown to be safe and effective treatments of childhood ADHD.

To learn more about non-pharmacologic treatments of ADHD and how to use them safely and effectively to treat your ADHD symptoms or those of your child, read my recently published e-book, ADHD–the Integrative Mental Health Solution.

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