Integrative approaches to ADHD—toward a reasonable middle ground between medications and alternative therapies

The most effective and appropriate pharmacologic, behavioral and alternative treatments of ADHD depends on the particular symptoms that are being addressed, how severe they are, and each unique history in terms of how well or not they responded to previous pharmacologic or non-pharmacologic treatment approaches. Other important considerations include side effects with different medications or natural products and whether there are other mental health or medical problems. The choice of treatment should take into account whether you can find a therapist in your geographic area who is qualified to treat you (or your child) using a particular approach (e.g. EEG biofeedback) or provide competent advice about the safe, appropriate use of a natural product.

If you are considering taking an herbal medicine or any other natural product it is very important to first notify the healthcare provider who is treating you (or your child) for ADHD in order to be sure you have a good understanding of safety issues associated with the herbal or supplement you are considering. Before taking any natural product supplement I encourage you to first identify a reputable brand with a high safety rating. You can find valuable safety information on different brands of natural products on the resource page of my website.

To learn more about the range of non-pharmacologic treatments of ADHD and how to use them safely and effectively to treat your ADHD symptoms or those of your child, read my recently published e-book, ADHD–the Integrative Mental Health Solution.

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