Iron supplementation may reduce symptoms of hyperactivity in children diagnosed with ADHD

Research findings suggest that low serum iron levels (in the form of ferritin) may play an important causal role in hyperactivity in ADHD children diagnosed with ADHD. Although low iron levels can point to anemia, non-anemic children sometimes have low serum ferritin levels. In one study non-anemic ADHD children with abnormal low serum ferritin levels were treated with an oral iron supplement (ferrous sulfate) 80mg per day or a prescription stimulant medication. Children in both groups experienced similar improvements in symptoms of hyperactivity.

To learn more about the role of iron supplementation and other non-pharmacologic treatments of ADHD and how to use them safely and effectively to treat your ADHD symptoms or those of your child, read my recently published e-book, ADHD–the Integrative Mental Health Solution.

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